We use our competence in the field of fixture and appliance construction in-house for the development and design of clamping fixtures. With the help of our CAD systems, we design and develop clamping fixtures which we subsequently directly produce in our company.
The clamping fixtures are used internally to clamp in “challenging” production parts in our CNC production. 2-dimensional parts are clamped with the help of a vacuum, for instance. Vacuum clamping is particularly well suited for work pieces (thin walled plastic series parts) that are hard to clamp with conventional means and provide sufficient contact surface for that. We would manufacture a negative mould reception made of plastic or aluminium for that, which we could use to clamp the work pieces without any problems and make sure at the same time that no “unnecessary traces” evolve during the clamping or machining process. In other cases, parts can also be clamped into the fixture mechanically or pneumatically.
We have also designed and manufactured many customized appliances for external customers from the most different industries that are used in the most different production processes. Simple handling and functional systems guarantee for a long, profitable use.