We produce series of the most different batch sizes for our customers – from small batch to large batch sizes. As far as series production parts are concerned, we are able to produce and provide first-quality parts at favourable prices. No matter, if it is simple little blocks or parts with complex 3D geometry: thanks to our CAM programming system and our state-of-the-art CNC machining centres we are able to meet even challenging customer requests in best quality. We process all common metals, brass, stainless steel and plastics. It goes without saying that all parts run through our comprehensive quality control system.

CNC machining centres
5-axis milling
3D free-form surface machining
3D path control
Heidenhain controls: TNC640, iTNC530 and TNC426
Maximum working range
X-axis: 1035 mm
Y-axis: 560 mm
Z-axis: 510 mm